Urban Legends From Around The World That Will Surely Creep You Out

Every state has its own creepy urban legend, where some stories have even made their way to mainstream pop culture, including Washington state’s Bigfoot. On the other hand, other urban legends have stayed local, like the alleged poisoned girl at Nebraska’s Centennial Hall. You’ll surely be in a mysterious yet exciting time if you’re planning to use your credit card to book a trip to these places.
Urban legends do not exist just in the United States as there are urban legends all over the globe. We’ve managed to put together four of the eeriest and most pervasive urban legends known to mankind. The list varies from the loch ness monster into the mysterious Indian town that suddenly disappeared into thin air.
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America’s Bigfoot

As promised, we included the famous legend of Bigfoot in our list. The urban legend of Bigfoot first circulated back in 1958. It was a journalist named Andrew Genzoli who first noticed large footprints located in the wilderness of Northern California. The journalist then added that maybe the specimen was a close relative of the Abominable Snowman, another legend, which we’ll discuss later.
Since the discovery of those footprints, the entire country has been hooked on the possibility of a Bigfoot roaming around North California’s forests. Some report sightings of Bigfoot but offer no solid evidence. Popular and mainstream culture thought that the legend was a good investment and decided to create several productions, books, and movies based on the alleged creature.
Nonetheless, the legend of Bigfoot remains a legend to this day. There have been circulating beliefs that Bigfoot is a ferocious beast who constantly attacks hikers and loggers. Some also say that it’s just a gentle giant who wants to be left alone in the woods.

The Yeti or The Abominable Snowman

Humans have long fantasized about being able to summit the highest peak in the world which is Mount Everest. It sits in the middle of the Himalayan mountain ranges, wherein an ethnic group called the Sherpas live. Furthermore, Sherpas are well adjusted to the climate and would often escort tourists on their journey into the peak of Mount Everest.
This Nepalese ethnic group has an incredibly rich culture and history. An urban legend that’s included in the culture is the legend of the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman. The accepted description of a Yeti is an enormous man that resembles an ape with huge feet and aggressive sharp teeth. The Yeti is said to reach a staggering height of 6 feet and footprints that measure around 13 inches.
We’re confident that your financial advisor wouldn’t advise you to go on a hunt for the alleged Yeti, as stories about the Yeti involve the specimen terrorizing several communities and villages of Sherpas. It certainly wouldn’t be a wise decision to be on the hunt for an aggressive specimen, let alone an urban legend, under extreme weather conditions.

The Indian Village of Kuldhara That Disappeared Overnight

It’s perfectly normal to have a person disappear every now and then. However, it isn’t normal to have an entire village disappear overnight. The town of Kuldhara seemed to vanish into thin air, and no one has lived there since 1825.
According to local reports, an estimated 1,000 villagers from Kuldhara completely abandoned their homes overnight. What makes it more mysterious is that they left no trace, and no one has a clue why they left and where they went.
We sincerely doubt that mortgage rates would have been the reason for those villagers abandoning their homes. We’re not even sure if such ideologies already existed back then. Apparently, one interesting theory involves a village chief that cursed the entire land, where anyone who tries to live in the town will eventually meet their untimely demise. There have been reports of screams, noises, footsteps, and apparitions during dark hours. It’s definitely a must-visit for thrill-seekers.

Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster

One legend who received credit as the most famous urban legend of all time is Scotland’s Loch Ness monster. It’s been affectionately given the nickname of “Nessie,” and it allegedly swims in the second deepest lake in Scotland. Sightings of “Nessie” go way back from the stone carvings by the Pict people who lived in the eastern part of Scotland. Those ancient people referred to “Nessie” as a mysterious beast with flippers.
Nessie sightings began to pick up back in 1933, after the completion of a road that gave tourists an unobstructed view of the lake. The hype grew even more as one couple claimed to have seen a giant sea creature. A photograph of the beast has surfaced, but it was later revealed as a hoax.
Nessie and the mystery in the Loch Ness lake have proved to be a money-making investment for Scotland. The legend reportedly brings in around $50.6 million in tourism money per year.